SecurBox is a practical and secure container which, thanks to its lid with security locking system and the possibility of being sealed, allows you to transport, dispatch, move or store anything of value or which in any case needs to be kept confidential. It is therefore particularly suitable for the handling of jewellery, valuables, confidential documents or files that require more secure storage than usual.

With SecurBox you can keep anything that could be dangerous out of the reach of children, such as medicines, cartridges, tools, light bulbs, batteries, gardening products, sharp tools, keys, and so on. SecurBox is also ideal for storing books, toys, photographs, collections and all objects that normally need to be kept in order.

The perfect interlocking between the base of the container and its lid provides perfect storage modularity and offers the possibility of multiple handling. When not in use, the containers can be stored stacked, saving considerable space.

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